Workshop 1: INNOVATION GAMES ® – from Theory to Practice


Workshop – October 23rd, 2012, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Philippe Launay - AGFA Healthcare (F) and Fabrice Aimetti - Agilarium(F)

The tutorial focuses on the Innovation Games®. These tools were originally designed as in-person, goal-directed, serious games by Luke Hohmann, who thinks teams should engage more productively and creatively in the product design and development process.

Part 1: The toughest part of innovation is accurately predicting what customers want, need or will pay for. Even if you ask them, your customers probably can’t explain to you what they truly want. And the typical brainstorming sessions, surveys or focus groups just don’t produce actionable results. That’s where Innovation Games® comes to the rescue. Playing Innovation Games® like Speed Boat, Prune the Product Tree or Product Box with your customers enables you to tap into your customers’ needs and desires through the magic of game play. The game mechanics –and fun factor – deliver clearer more accurate insight, ensuring that you deliver breakthrough products and services, faster and more efficiently. Innovation Games® will be indispensable for anyone who wants to drive more successful, customer-focused product development: product and R&D managers, CTOs and development leaders, marketers, and senior business executives alike.


Part 2: A case study applying Innovation Games with a group of 20 persons.

The presenters:

Philippe Launay is a Team Coordinator and an Agile Coach at AGFA Healthcare. After beginning his career in the Healthcare Information System (HIS), where he held the positions of R&D Project Manager and Methodology & Quality Engineer, Philippe Launay is currently manager of an international team at AGFA Healthcare. During his various missions, he was Commission Member for the AFNOR, member of the HL7 organization, member of the IHE Group, and member of the HPRIM association. He started using Scrum in 2006, was certified Product Owner in 2008, certified Scrum Practitioner in January 2010, and trained Innovation Games® Facilitator in 2011.

Fabrice Aimetti has founded Agilarium in January 2012. He is an Agile Coach and Trainer. From 1994 to 2009, he worked as Software Engineer and Project Manager in various software companies: printing and related services, retails, banking services, pension’s schemes, savings, stock exchanges, and civil security. Since 2009, he is an agile consultant and helps teams to self-organize to develop better quality products and to deliver faster business value. He was certified ScrumMaster in 2009, certified Product Owner in 2010, trained Innovation Games® Facilitator in 2011, and became member of the French Agile Federation in 2012.