Fabrice Aimetti

Fabrice Aimetti has founded Agilarium in January 2012. He is an Agile Coach and Trainer. From 1994 to 2009, he worked as Software Engineer and Project Manager in various software companies: printing and related services, retails, banking services, pension’s schemes, savings, stock exchanges, and civil security. Since 2009, he is an agile consultant and helps teams to self-organize to develop better quality products and to deliver faster business value. He was certified ScrumMaster in 2009, certified Product Owner in 2010, trained Innovation Games® Facilitator in 2011, and became member of the French Agile Federation in 2012.

Hervé Crespel

Hervé Crespel, pioneer of object design and agile software, has 31 years of experience in a very large information system. Melting theory, management and practice, as CIO, CTO, innovation director, software quality control director and urbanism and enterprise architecture leader, he has acquired a wide knowledge from technical to functional, able to manage IT experts, and to make programs, architecture or large budget decisions. He has introduced in his company the first PC, the first laser printer, or the first network. He was also introducing pdf and CD-ROM in 1994, Java in 1997, XML in 1999 or Adobe Flex in 2005. Now retired, he is running a small company with the purpose to cross and exchange the best practices for doing sustainable software.

Dr Robert Darimont – Respect-IT (B)

The presenter. Robert Darimont is the founding CEO of Respect-IT, a spin-out of the University of Louvain (B). He has led a lot of medium- and large-size requirements engineering projects for more than 15 years in various domains (industry, public / private administrations). He plays a key role in the development of the Objectiver tool that supports the GORE/KAOS approach.
Robert Darimont received a PhD on the formalization of refinement patterns and the formalization of RE processes from the University of Louvain (direction: Prof. A. van Lamsweerde).

Dr Joseph K. DeRosa

Dr DeRosa has over 25 year experience in software and systems engineering. He retired from the MITRE Corporation as Director of Systems Engineering, where he oversaw the systems engineering of numerous major government programs and participated in research in complex systems. He is now an industry consultant specializing in complex systems engineering. He has delivered papers on the subject worldwide at IEEE, INCOSE and ICSSEA conferences, delivering a keynote address at ICSSEA 2008 and a complexity tutorial at ICSSEA 2011. He was a former staff member at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln laboratory and Director of Business Development for LINKABIT Corporation, as well as an industry consultant to many aerospace firms. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and did post-graduate studies at the Santa Fe Institute, the New England Complex Systems Institute and Babson College Business School.

Boris Katz

Boris Katz is a Principal Research Scientist and Head of the InfoLab Group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research interests include natural language understanding and generation, intelligent multimedia information access, knowledge representation, human computer interaction, and event recognition. He has authored more than 70 publications and 2 U.S. Patents.

Boris Katz is the creator of the START information access system and the inventor of a patented method of natural language annotations, which facilitate access to multimedia information in response to questions expressed in everyday language. In 1989 during the Voyager Neptune encounter, START was used in the JPL press room to answer reporters’ questions about the Voyager 2 spacecraft. In 1993, START became the first question-answering system on the Web, and since then answered millions of questions from Web users all over the world.

Boris Katz is a member of the Open Advancement of Question Answering consortium where he contributed several technical ideas incorporated into IBM’s Watson system, which recently defeated the all-time human champions on the quiz show Jeopardy!

Philippe Launay

Philippe Launay is a Team Coordinator and an Agile Coach at AGFA Healthcare. After beginning his career in the Healthcare Information System (HIS), where he held the positions of R&D Project Manager and Methodology & Quality Engineer, Philippe Launay is currently manager of an international team at AGFA Healthcare. During his various missions, he was Commission Member for the AFNOR, member of the HL7 organization, member of the IHE Group, and member of the HPRIM association. He started using Scrum in 2006, was certified Product Owner in 2008, certified Scrum Practitioner in January 2010, and trained Innovation Games® Facilitator in 2011.

Laurent Sarrazin – Société Générale (F)

With an 18+ year experience in the Investment Banking Sector, recognized expert in Agility and Lean Management, Laurent Sarrazin recently enriched his journey with a 3-year stay in the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Back to the French headquarters, Laurent created and is managing a coaching department for IT teams, to foster transition to agility, and continuous improvement mindset. Facilitator, passionately fond for innovation & change management, Laurent Sarrazin provides services for a wide variety of clients, speaks at key conferences (ScrumDay, AgileFrance, ITSMfDay…) and teaches in High Engineering Schools (HEC, Mines, SupTelecom).